Benefits of LED

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Benefits of LED


In recent decades rapid advances in technology have effectively changed the tone and texture of our daily lives. At Ecotek we have sought out ever newer and innovative technologies and used them to develop, viable, user-friendly affordable products – this is the core of our business strategy.

The Ecotek LED Brand is a range of lighting solutions that includes simple RETROFIT LED Tube lights and bulbs that will fit any standard lamp holder, flood lights, tubes, street lamp units, designed to fit most existing types of lamp posts.

Our high-powered LED light sources are extremely efficient, returning a saving of over two thirds when compared to conventional fluorescent, sodium or mercury lamps. Operating for an average of 10 hours per day an LED light source has a life span of up to 13 years, i.e. 50,000 hours. This makes up for the initial cost which is higher than other bulb types. Now it’s time for you to give up on low energy light bulbs!! Think LED for a long term saving solution.

Soon to be outlawed incandescent light bulbs and questions over the safety of energy saving light bulbs have paved the way for the use of domestic LED lighting to become commonplace.

Sadly LED lighting has been passed over in favor of ‘curly’ compact fluorescent light bulbs as an alternative to the power hungry incandescent light bulb. However in the light of recent concerns over the safe disposal of these bulbs the LED looks as though it may get a second chance.

LED technology has advanced drastically since the tiny lights we see consuming power in ‘standby’ mode on television sets and other electronic devices. The very latest high-power LED light sources are much brighter and infinitely more efficient than their predecessors making them a real alternative to replace domestic light bulbs.

As energy resources dwindle worldwide and power costs continue to rise, the case for alternative energy efficient lighting has never been stronger. So, start the transition! Every time, you buy a LED bulb when one of yours blows out you will hardly notice the switch to LED and before you know it you won't need any more light bulbs!